Head To Head

Head To Head

So on a Friday night, I find myself shooting photos for the charlatan (campus newspaper) again and doing sports again (probably because I have the gear to shoot it) and well it was alright. It was a fun challenge as this game had to be shot during night in ok field lighting; however for the challenge I was able to borrow the nice Canon 70-200 f4 L from Willie (Photo Editor) for this one. It was invaluable for this shoot; the USM autofocus could keep up with my camera and the fixed F4 helped in the low light situation as well.
The challenge prove to be large, trying to freeze action shots while maxing the ISO on my camera out and hoping the shutter speed was enough but my calculations prevailed (I always shoot manual) and I captured this moment, one of the few where everything was at a standstill and just spoke to me. This picture reminds me of when I played rugby and all the glorious moments and terrible things that happened; the sport I love to play and enjoy watching equally as much. Over all it was a good night, shot pictures that were challenging and watched a game up close and personal, not a bad way to spend a Friday.


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